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Ducati upcoming launches for 2021 | January 2021

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Ducati upcoming launches for 2021 | January 2021


Ducati upcoming launches for 2021 | January 2021. Almost six products stand in line; looks like a great year for Bologna brand.

Ducati upcoming launches for 2021 | January 2021

Going through almost whole 2020, with the exception of couple of months with almost zero projects. Ducati looks upon to make it most out of the year 2021.

Being an pandemic effected year worldwide the Italian brand did came up with Panigale V2, Scrambler 1100 and the Multistrada 950S in 2020. But talking about 2021, if not more, there are at least six new launches.

Lets have a look what’s in the store:)


Ducati upcoming launches for 2021 | January 2021

Ducati Multistrada V4

(Price Expected – Rs 20 lakh, Expected Launch – Q2)

The Ducati’s most aspiring project yet, the Multistrada V4 draws adventure touring to the next level. Being powered by 1158cc Granturismo V4 engine, it is the most mighty adventure tourer till date. Like its Panigale and Streetfighter cousins this is not a fire breathing dragon pushing 200PS; contents with only 170PS. Though it is quite torquey, with 125Nm on tap. We can expect undoubtingly that this one is headlining motorcycles for Ducati in year 2021.


Ducati upcoming launches for 2021 | January 2021

Ducati Streetfighter V4

(Price Expected – Rs 18 lakh, Expected Launch – Q1)

Ducati released the Streetfighter V4 a year ago. But due to its non-EU5 deference, it will not launch in India until the engine gets the necessary updates. Hugely, the bike hasn’t undergone anything less in performance. Its 1,103cc Desmosedici Stradale V4 mill churns out 208PS and 123Nm. As a result it makes it the most mighty naked motocycle when it goes on sale here.


Ducati upcoming launches for 2021 | January 2021


Ducati Scrambler 800 BS6

(Price Expected – Rs 8 lakh – Rs 11 lakh, Expected Launch – Q1)

Where Panigales and Multistradas hold on to remain the star attraction,

For a lot of Ducatistis out there the Scrambler range remains accessible. The standard Icon and Desert sled trims will amplify by a new version called Nightshift, which is a kind of combination of the old Cafe Racer and Full Throttle variants. Prices of few trims has been disclosed online via the organizations but we are still waiting for official verification from Ducati.


Ducati Monster 950

(Price Expected – Rs 11 lakh, Expected Launch – Q3)

This bike has created a lot of confusion in online section due to its despersing design. Where it is natural for Ducati to make a monster lighter and more fiendish, but the looks of 950 does not satisfy the enthusiasts. There is no displayed tubular steel trellis frame, no bulky fuel tank, also the headlight is not precisly round. Carries more power on tap now and is notably lighter, all thanks to the 937cc L-twin engine. Keeping fingers cross and hope this new direction adopted shows significant results leading to make Monster once again one the strong forces to be consider with in the middleweight naked space.


Ducati SuperSport 950

(Price Expected – Rs 15 lakh, Expected Launch – Q2)

Ducati will offer the 937cc engine in three distinct flavouring in 2021. The Multistrada will join in the role of the adventure tourer whereas the Monster will look upon to attract the naked hooligan rider. Nevertheless the Supersport 950, will offer a moderate neat balance between the two, all wrapped up in a new Panigale influenced design.

The all rounder full-faired Ducati has become one if the most amazing Ducatis in recent times, asuuring that one can enjoy without worrying about backaches heartaches that prompts while riding over not so good roads. Ducati assures that it can satisfy you around a race track. It definitely won’t satisfy us as sharply as Panigale V2 but it will justify.


Ducati Panigale V4

(Price Expected – Rs 22 lakh onwards, Expected Launch – Q1)

To conclude, the champion, the brilliance, the pinnacle of Ducati sports bikes, the Panigale V4 will show up once again on to the Indian motorcycling market. The popularity of this bike had such an effect that the some BS4 units were left unsold. As if Now along with winglets standard on all variants, an extra dimension will include in the sportsbike to your track day experience. There’s also a new dedicated SP variant of which a set of units to bring into the country.

Ducati upcoming launches for 2021 | January 2021

Other Practicable Bike launches

To meet the BS6/EU5 norms Ducati’s cruiser lineup has been updated.

The XDiavel and the Diavel 1260 both acquire special editions also Ducati India would desire a few takers for the mentioned editions.The Destiny of the models such as the Multistrada 1260 and the Hypermotard 950 remains a puzzle.

Will they get their updates over the way of 2021? Will these models get terminated? We will have to gain patience to see that. However Ducati is looking upon to bang on with its 2021 models.


Ducati upcoming launches for 2021 | January 2021

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