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KTM 890 Duke: Everything Explained

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KTM 890 Duke: Everything Explained


KTM 890 Duke: Everything Explained

Got an effortless base and somewhat untuned engine in contrast to the 890 Duke R.

  • Despite of having different colours and 890 stickering it looks exactly same as the 790 Duke.


  • The 890 Duke gets 115PS and 92Nm made by the 889cc engine.


  • We can expect it to arrive in India by end of 2021 or early 2022.

KTM 890 Duke: Everything Explained

Since the Super Scalpel is release by KTM, the 890 Duke R, at EICMA 2019, the providence of the 790 Duke was a question. As there were no significant EU5 updates it was crystal clear that a basic genre of the 890 Duke R is in store for 2021. And here we go: The KTM 890 Duke.


Simply the 890 Duke uses basic mechanicals but the frame and engine are alike the 890 R, which one by one used the body panels and chassis from the 790 Duke. No new styling elements are visible on the 890. Variant colours and 890 stickering perhaps count as differences.

KTM 890 Duke: Everything Explained

Dimensions and Power

3kg heavier than the 890 Duke R and has dry weight of 169kg alike the 790 Duke. As the seat height is more easy going on the 890 that shouldn’t matter much. 14mm lower than the 890 R and 5mm lower than the 790 you are at a seat height of 820mm. The 889cc parallel-twin LC8c motor from the 890 R is settle down in tubular steel backbone frame. To produce 115PS amd 92Nm it is somewhat tuned down. The difference is shown in the following table:

KTM 890 Duke: Everything Explained

Visibly, the execution escalates up and is now on with the Triumph Street Triple R and the Ducati Monster. The recent adventure with the Triple R shown an amazing disclaimer of how great an all rounder the Triumph naked is in 2021. The 890 Duke will justify value for money.

KTM 890 Duke: Everything Explained


The electronics aids department shows no skimp on the 890 Duke. Comes with four riding modes — Road, Rain, Sport and Track — Every mode comes with their preset settings of available power, traction control, throttle response, wheelie control and cornering ABS. We guess a bi-directional quickshifter is optional on the bike and standard for the India-spec 890.


In comparison to the Street Triple RS (even the R now) the 790 lacked in the suspension section. It was not that complicated and didn’t gave any way of adjustability. The previous analysis yet sounds true for the 890 Duke, KTM asserts that the new WP Apex USD fork and monoshock is updated and are way better than the 790’s suspension unit.

Brakes and Tyres

And to decelerate, braking hardware contains 300 mm dual rotors on the front wheel in addition with enhanced radial calipers and better brake pads for raging stopping power. Also KTM switched to new Continental ContiRoads from the Maxxis Supermaxx ST tyres. Furthermore a better wet weather grip and getting up to temperature quicker than the Maxxis tyres claims the new rubber.

Expected Launch and Price

Question is: When its coming in India?ย The 790 engine is being produce at CFMoto’s plant in China, India may get some units of the 790 Duke first. Refusing to meet the BS6 norms locally it will be sold in 2021. Late 2021 or in early 2022 we must see the 890 Duke and the expected pricing will be around Rs 9.5 lakh which is about Rs 1 lakh over the 790 Duke.ย Isย it worth the long wait? We hope it is.


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