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KTM RC890 A Track-Only Bike | Expected Launch by KTM

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KTM RC890 A Track-Only Bike | Expected Launch by KTM

The RC 890 might be made for a one-make racing (more about one-make racing series at the end)

KTM RC890 A Track-Only Bike | Expected Launch by KTM

If we check KTM’s lineup of bikes, it’s obvious that it has more Streetfighters than Supersport machines. Excluding its MotoGP machine, the RC16, the KTM RC 390 is its most capable motorcycle in production. Nevertheless along with the spy shots of a likely RC 890 track-only bike, it looks like KTM wants to extend the RC lineup more.

The test mule, has a race-equip fairing that’s mount on a tubular-trellis frame along with the fuel tank in place of the pillion seat.

Connecting its track-only purpose are the slicks (racing tyres) with alloy wheels that equate dual-front discs.

KTM RC890 A Track-Only Bike | Expected Launch by KTM

Significantly, Kramer Motorcycles, a niche German manufacturer of custom race bikes, also expectations was to build two motorcycles. Those which have the 790 Duke’s engine. One is for track day fans and the other as a full-rear GP2 race machine. Therefore if KTM carries out with the progress of the test-mules seen in Austria. Do you think the RC 890 is worth the limelight? Share your thoughts by commenting them below.

This is all about the expected KTM RC890 a track-only Bike

What is One-Make Racing ?

One-make racing is also means Spec racing in North America. It is an automobile racing section where all motorist race using alike vehicles. From the selfsame manufacturer, frequently operating the same version/ model. Which means the motorcar in this race have the same chassis, tires, as well as engine. So winning in this series is all skill based game.

This is an open-wheel motor racing, found in 2005. The race originate to make racing cheap for teams. Also to make it the ideal training ground for life in Formula One.

TVS Racing is the founder of One Make Racing in the country. Being the 1st Indian manufacturer to develop the series in India.


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