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KTM upcoming launches expected this year | January 2021

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KTM upcoming launches expected this year | January 2021


New KTMs incoming!

KTM upcoming launches expected this year | January 2021

Ever since it first stepped in India back in 2012 with their 200 Duke. KTM has produced a steady stream of exciting and interesting new motorcycles for us. Even 2021 seems nothing different. Impatient to put a COVID attacked 2020 behind itself. KTM has a bunch of new launches lined up for 2021.So here’s all that you can expect from KTM :


2021 KTM 390 Duke

(Price Expected – Rs 2.7 lakh, Expected Launch – Q2)

KTM upcoming launches expected this year | January 2021

For the longest period. The Duke was the most advanced model in the 390 duo. Its absolute that it will remain the same in 2021. We expect a properly detailed update to the 390 Duke for this year.Also with leaks showing an improved frame. A new swingarm and most probably upgraded suspension as well. What the leaks don’t show but we do expect, is for KTM to launch in electronic treats. Like Riding Modes, Cornering ABS, lean-sensitive traction control and ABS too. If all these upgrades did not follow an aesthetic change. It will make an ease. So we do hope KTM to brace up the Duke’s styling. The Duke will get a hike in price, with the upgraded bike coming in at around Rs 2.7 lakh.


2021 KTM RC 390

(Price Expected – Rs 2.80 lakh, Expected Launch – Q1)

KTM upcoming launches expected this year | January 2021

While most KTM models have been normally refreshed, the RC 390 is getting a little long, having seen no big updates since it was first launched back in 2014. Definitely, KTM was brought to us the ride-by-wire technology and slipper clutch, but while its Adventure and Naked siblings enjoy LED headlights and Bluetooth Connectivity with TFT displays, the RC comes with the old LCD Instrument Cluster and Halogen Projectors.


That’s all ready to change in 2021, with an all new RC 390. This isn’t just another facelift. The 2021 RC 390 will feature fully revised styling, a new frame and upgraded cycle parts. The latest design will give the bike a new over haul, with an LED headlight and test mules have also been found with a TFT display.


The good thing, this overall upgrade is sure to bring the mellowing RC up to date. And the bad thing, this overall upgrade will most likely be coming with an overall price revision, so you can expect the RC 390 between Rs 2.5 – 3 lakh.


KTM 890 Duke

(Price Expected – Rs 10 lakh, Expected Launch – Q2)

KTM upcoming launches expected this year | January 2021

KTMs actual “big-bike” operation in India was rather short-term, with the frantic 790 Duke only on sale for a few months before the BS6 emission norms chipped in. We’re happy to inform you guys that there are more big bikes coming for 2021, launching with the 890 Duke. Currently, it exists only in a high-performance ‘R’ variant, but we expect a standard 890 Duke to come to India this year, replacing the previous 790 Duke. Just like power and torque, the price tag will also see an increase with an expected price range of Rs 10 lakh.


KTM 890 Adventure

(Price Expected – Rs 11.50 lakh, Expected Launch – Q2)

KTM upcoming launches expected this year | January 2021

After much cheering, KTM finally launched its Adventure innings in India last year, with the 390 ADV and 250 ADV on sale in our country. That digits is expected to grow far this year, because the 890 platform has also generated an 890 Adventure in addition with its more extreme ‘R’ variant. We expect at least one, if not both of these versions, to make their way to our Indian Market this year, starting at around Rs 12 lakh.


Behind the Future


Reading this most of you will come up with questions like: What about the 490’s? Why has 790’s gone away? Are there any electric plans?



Providentially, we have some ideas.

No doubt the parallel-twin are definitely in work, But expecting that it will launch in 2021 is too much. The 790s are meant to scale down to 750s, to form offerings affordable to take on the similars like Kawasaki Z650 and the upcoming Triumph Trident 660. Bajaj and KTM are working hand in hand at a electric platform which will originate a KTM electric scooter, but again we don’t expect to see it in 2021.

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